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Tweets from June, 2011

01 Jul 2011

Thanks for the shirt, @maggiecook! @ Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge

Gowalla for Windows Phone 7:

w/ @OhJuniper [photo]

So true. RT @sanlei: Happy birthday to one of the kindest, smartest, most humble people I know: @sco!

farmar w/ @eH [pic]

Path party. @ Clift Hotel #photo

Y U NO OPEN? @ Sightglass Coffee

recharging w/ @brookeraymond [pic]

WWDC! w/ @maxvoltar @mattt

I’m getting the very strange sensation that Apple understands web services. #NDA

Queued for the WWDC keynote at 8 am, and didn’t even cut in line. Look at this tangle of thorns.