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Tweets from March, 2011

01 Apr 2011

Ultra high-speed broadband is coming to Kansas City, Kansas

Trying a new trailer. @ Luke’s Inside Out #photo

Heading to SF in the morning — anybody want to hang out in the afternoon or evening?

Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself. —Zenrin KushĂ»

Panelisting. @ International Mobile Landscape Workshop

Ron Sexsmith playing in the lobby. SXSW is great. @ The Hilton

Oh, oh yeah. @ Odd Duck Farm to Trailer #photo

Oh yeah. @ Odd Duck Farm to Trailer

In Austin? Swing by the open house at Gowalla HQ, happening now! 5th & Rio Grande, 6th floor. Beer and tacos. Come say hi.

No line! @ SXSW Badge Pick-up

It’s great fun to watch the flood of arrivals happening at the Austin airport:

Gowalla 3 for Android is live. Completely rewritten, our best release yet.

Shipping some good stuff this morning.