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Tweets from January, 2011

01 Feb 2011

Startup drinkup. Also, takeout. — at Liberty

Congrats to @joncrawford! “Storenvy Finds A Number Of Impressive Buyers For Its $1.5 Million Round”

“If you don’t have caps lock mapped to control, I will say unkind things about you” “Just listening to this makes me want to shave my neck.”

Crunchies! — at Palace of Fine Arts

The view from @newmonarch’s roof.

Good morning SF! You look nice today. — at SFO San Francisco International

Last day to vote for Gowalla for the Crunchies WOOOOOOOOO:

Work as if you lived in the early days of a better world.

Happy birthday, @jw! — at Josh’s Birthday Celebration

I’m at AU REVOIR PBJ in Austin, TX

Cool: Gowalla app in the Apple Store windows: