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Tweets from June, 2010

01 Jul 2010

Dinner w/ @therealadam, @brookeraymond, & @courtneypo. — at @MoonshineGrill

Breakfast w/ @lacinylanne. — at Counter Cafe

About to go live on This Week in iPad:

Trying Twitter Places.

World cup w/ @eh. — at The GAF Pub & Grille

♬ Let’s get Pivotal! Pivotal! — at @pivotallabs

I’m at @twitter in San Francisco, CA

RT @brookeraymond: “Gowalla.” —Steve Jobs

Steve just showed Gowalla for iPad on screen. Well played, Jobs. #wwdc

5.5 hours later, I’ve got my seat. Your move, Jobs. — at WWDC 10

Damn. 4am and the line already hit the corner. — at WWDC 10

AUS -> SFO, WWDC-bound. — at DFW Dallas/Ft. Worth International

Beautiful day, and a huge crowd to show for it. — at Barton Springs

Ironic (and sad) that Apple’s new HTML5-standards-touting page requires Safari and disallows Chrome.

The Sierra Club has started creating a Gowalla trip to catalog sites impacted by the BP oil disaster: