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Tweets from January, 2010

01 Feb 2010

Notational Velocity + SimpleNote + TaskPaper. Eureka?

Here’s the Kansas City BBQ tour trip I’ve been wanting to make for a while. Don’t attempt them all at once.

Yum. — at The Sentinel

Hacking away. — at @pivotallabs

Dinner w/ @wilsonminer & @lbm. — at Dolores Park

I’m at Heavenly Dog in San Francisco, CA

Picking up @keeg and @pbowden. — at SFO San Francisco International

Flyover view of the 10+ mile trek that Brooke and I made today:

Whew, that was long. Thanks for the fun, Gowalla. — at We Made It! (GGB)

Woo-hoo! Hell of a view. — at @GGbridge

I’m at The Crunchies After-Party in San Francisco, CA

Read the first half of “The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work” on this morning’s flight. Great stuff.

AUS -> SFO. — at AUS Austin-Bergstrom

Tweeting from my Google Phone.

Beautiful photo and story from Brooke in the new Pictory issue:

BBQ w/ @brookeraymond and @mattt. — at Lamberts

“‘The Morin/Bohnet proposal’ sounds like either a United Nations compromise or a chess gambit.” —@andrewdupont

OH: “No vault no problem. Stalin said that.”

Back in Austin. I have feeling 2010’s going to kick ass. — at @torchytaco