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01 Jan 2010

#10yearsago “I resolved—or, I pleaded—to never spend another new years so alone.”

Cool: Randal Schwartz (@merlyn), whose books were hugely formative for me, is on Gowalla:

Helluva view — @kpraymond hooked me up with a suite. — at Raphael Hotel

Sinner’s Brunch Band @ Jo’s.

Dinner and Settlers with @keeg and @saphrin. — at Raymond Ranch South

Huh. 6,666 new Gowalla spots were created today. Coincidence? I think not.

Reminder: six more days of real gifts (iPods, shirts…) to be found through Gowalla items. Look for the Golden Gift box.

Lawnchair looks interesting:

Cool, somebody just picked up the iPod we hid under the tree at Rockefeller Center.

The latest Pictory issue has some great SF photography, incl. entries from Brooke ( and Rob (

Gowalla company party time. — at 300 Austin

Making virtual goods real: We’re giving away 100s of real gifts (e.g., iPods) through Gowalla items. Love it.

Thanks to @damon, @hayesdavis, and @therealadam for hanging out tonight to talk about the Gowalla API — lots of good ideas.

It’s going to be a very busy day. — at @juanpelotacafe

Picking up some late dinner.

I don’t believe in riches, but you should see where I live.

Cool! O’Reilly’s “Best iPhone Apps” site just named Gowalla best in its category. Too kind.

I’m at Pivotal Labs

Hanging with @davemorin and @aaron_. — at @Tropisueno

Checking in. — at The W San Francisco

Heading to SFO w/ some of the Gowalla gang. — at AUS Austin-Bergstrom

My wife’s new favorite word is PubSubHubbub. She can’t stop saying it.

Fantastic Mr. Fox. w/ @brookeraymond. — at @drafthouse

Great talk by Kernighan at IAS, “Elements of Programming Style”:

What a pleasant surprise… Gowalla is featured in the App Store today.

just watched @ryah’s presentation on node.js. very impressive.