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Tweets from August, 2009

01 Sep 2009

Sheep’s Cheese Ravioli with/ Boulevard Tank 7. — at The Westside Local

Posting from my new Palm Pre. Definitely has some nice points.

They say it’s 96% humidity today. Huh. (@ Latte Land)

Going on a Gowalla-testing walk. Software development with cardio benefits. (@ Jacob’s Well)

I recommend the Ants on a Tree. (@ Blue Koi)

Chocolate Flake Fromage, 2 scoops, waffle cone. (@ Murray’s Ice Cream)

Dinner before seeing District 9. (@ Chefburger)

Five years ago today, @brookeraymond and I got hitched. It turns out, that was a really swell idea. Go us!

ooh, The Center of Excellence for Poultry Science:

“Scott Raymond is a man haunted by his past and terrorized in the present.”

at Raymond Residence ( (0.242568036425165)

Wine me, dine me, Over the Rhine me.

at Broadway Cafe ( (0.706215318545972)

wow, big congrats to the team!

kobe ribeye:

Pig heart sauté:

#winMBP @taptaptap is giving away a $5999 ColorWare STEALTH MacBook Pro to celebrate launching Convert for iPhone!

I can’t get enough minimalism.

at predevcamp. #pdckc

had a whole bottle of boulevard sixth glass ( tonight. woooooo.