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Tweets from May, 2009

01 Jun 2009

You know, a lot of different things can happen in cyberspace.

a Japanese university is using iPhones w/GPS to record attendance:

Write code. Not too much. Mostly Ruby.

Cool news: Blinksale has been acquired, and will now be managed by the inimitable Brian Oberkirch.

Happy 30th birhday, @brookeraymond.

Surprised, and mystified, that Yahoo doesn’t have a reverse-coding service that returns WOEIDs. Unless I’m missing something?

Lunch at the Hula Hut.

Bats! Millions of bats!

gowalla sticker in the wild

I’m at Magnolia Cafe South (1920 Congress Ave S, at E Mary, Austin) .

For the third year in a row, missing the Lost finale with my regular Lost-watching group. #singletear

RT @jw: Need a WWDC ticket? I have one to sell. @ me if interested.

Beer o’clock.

Finally broke in one of my Christmas board games, Puerto Rico. Quite fun. Well met.

Broke out the ol’ bike for the first time this year. Invigorating.

Sweet Jesus I hate bees.

Half-way home from Vegas, where I spent most of the afternoon hacking poolside.

TSA just pulled me aside to inquire about the Gowalla stickers in my backpack. #threatlevelorange

Almost home. We are, as the Chinese say, “as close as lips and teeth.”

Nice mention of Alamofire/PackRat/Gowalla in the NYT Magazine:

Hitting a bunch of Gowalla spots in the lovely Tower Grove Park, in St. Louis.

Late last night, Apple finally approved the latest Gowalla update. No new features, but it’s less crashy, and more forgiving with the GPS.