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Tweets from November, 2009

01 Dec 2009

Phwew. 14 hours on the road. Glad to be done with that.

Fueling up the Gowallamobile, checking the tires, hitting the road. — at QuickTrip

Feeling very grateful for all the friends I got to spend time with this week.

Boom. Speed Scrabble. — at Hurst Home

The Plaza, lit.

Plaza lighting ceremony! Happy to be here. — at Latte Land

Being humbled at Connect Four.

Starting up a Settlers game with @concertman, @newmonarch, and @eh.

Stocking up for Friends Thanksgiving tonight. — at Brookside Market

Getting the band back together. — at Blanc Burgers

Very proud of Gowalla 1.3, in the app store today. Most polished release yet, checkins easier than ever, and item history is fun.

Can’t pass this by without getting a check in. — at Czech Inn

Testing out Twitter’s new geolocation API. — at Alamofire

Rubyists: I’m bummed to be missing RubyConf, but I commissioned a custom Gowalla stamp anyhow. Have a ball:

RT @kevinrose if you’re a Gowalla user, friend me up:

Giving in to a gelato craving. — at @TeoGelato

I’m at Austin Technology Incubator in Austin, TX

Complimentary beer while waiting? I can support that. — at @birdsbarbershop

Regina Spektor. — at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q

Give me a feather and a wishbone and I’ll build you a chicken.

Wow: “An excruciatingly rambling essay on why I love Gowalla”:

RT @TechCrunch Gowalla Hops Onto Android Via The Mobile Web

Android folks: we just released an experimental Gowalla webapp at — check in, see where you friends are, etc.

Free Thanksgiving dinner tonight, I hear. — at @wholefoodsatx

RT @aetiology: Open letter to Maine: lobster is also an abomination

Whew! Long day at the office. But it feels good to ship. — at Raymond Ranch South

Taking advantage of Yelp Drink Week. — at Cissi’s Market

good (and thorough) review of the all the location-based games and social networks on the landscape now:

congrats to @newmonarch et al. on the storenvy launch. the amount of care that has gone into it is obvious. well done.

It’s a braw, bricht, moonlit nicht the nicht.

Wow, that tweet sure provoked a heated reaction from @brookeraymond. She definitely does not agree.

Just finished The Wire. Best show ever. So… Dickensian.