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Tweets from September, 2009

01 Oct 2009

I’m at Alamofire in Austin, TX

Preoccupied by bloom filters today. There must be a nail around here that I can hit with this hammer.

Epic board meeting this morning. Headed home. — at SFO San Francisco International Airport

I’m at Founders Fund in San Francisco, CA

Giants v. Cubs — at AT&T Park

I’m at Daniel’s Goodbye Drinkfest in San Francisco, CA

I’m at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco, CA

I’m at SFO San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, CA

I’m at ABIA in Austin, TX

met lots of great folks (and some gowalla power users) at #austinonrails. looking forward to getting to know the community here.

At Austin on Rails — at The Omni

Nice: RT @TheNextWeb Foursquare who? ‘Gowalla’ might just be where it’s at.

Sunday afternoon at Jo’s.

Welcome to the weekend, Mr. Johnson Shaggy Dog. — at Raymond Ranch South

Proud day: BIG new release of Gowalla just hit the app store. Check it out; tell your friends. I love you.

I’m at Alamofire in Austin, TX

Incredibly, having the first coffee of the day. — at Jo’s Coffee

not sure which is sweeter: this cupcake, or @sh for sending them to us. (and champagne!) what a gal.

Almost finished unboxing the new house. — at Raymond Ranch South

I’m at South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery in Austin, TX

Shocked and delighted to see that my fav. software, Notational Velocity, has finally been updated and open-sourced.

Arrived at our new house in Austin, to find the landlord left a 6-pack of Shiner in the fridge. Don’t mind if I do!

Au revoir, KC. We’ll always have social media.

I’m at Houston’s

MacBook Pros before Hos.

I’m at Casa Bingaman in Kansas City, MO

Dd Saturday morning – thanks. For the well-wishes, look forward to hanging out w/ you guys.

♫ Breakfast tacos! ♫

Meeting old friends for the first of many goodbye meals this week. — at Blue Bird Bistro

Co-working with @eh. — at The Coffee Girls

Loving the new Bazan record: “Let go of what you know and honor what exists. That’s what bearing witness is.”

hooking up gowalla -> pubsubhubbub -> growl. fun.