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Tweets from July, 2008

01 Aug 2008

whoa, is that a man or a woman? EPICENE FAIL.

had to bail on the alamofire party early tonight, but got some good reading time instead.

sitting next to half of the heartbreakers.

that joker sure had some harsh words for scheme developers.

trying to defend my dish-sink-stacking habits to brooke as a queue-based architecture. it’s parallelizable! no big-dishwashing-up-front!

Yes! Thanks for the tip.

iPhone acquired — total time in store: 20 minutes. I win!

foo’s fabulous frozen custard.

Sitting next to the mayor of KC, who’s wearing chucks and red socks.

Apparently, Ajax on Rails is, and therefore I am, big in Japan.

watching @robertjosiah get a $200 ticket for firecrackers. lame.

retweeting @atduskgreg: I’m almost positive this is an Alternate Reality Game: