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Tweets from June, 2008

01 Jul 2008

installing windows (not installing Windows™).

sitting on the patio at starbucks on the plaza, for the first time in a very long while. nice night!

some days you get the scale, and some days the scale gets you.

feeling @wilsonminer’s love.

celebrating @robertjosiah’s bachelorhood.

finally back in my own bed, after almost 3 weeks on the road.

OMG totally just passed john vanderslice on the sidewalk.

at the social gaming summit, preparing to be underwhelmed.

Headed back from redwood city now. Probably less than an hour?

returning the rental car, hoping I make it back in time for stevemas morning.

Gelato after an afternoon at Muir beach. Delightful.

Eating at the same place twice in 12 hours, because it’s so good.

in the middle of a long driving day, from eugene to mill valley.

hiking in ecola state park.

wow. gobama.

pastrami sandwich at kenny and zuke’s. delish.

at stumptown.