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Tweets from May, 2008

01 Jun 2008

this is the beginning of a parade.

so far just gehtland’s talk is looking great.

fuzed looks like cool tech, but I’m not sure I have the problem it’s solving. scaling app servers just isn’t that painful.

railsconferencers: is there a LOST-watching group tonight?

in PDX.

also in PDX.

getting pretty excited for railsconf and beyond. traveling for almost three weeks.

Buying a new suit.

having a good old-fashioned up-till-4-am hacking session. feels good.

man, packrat gets a lot of pageviews.

headed to see iron man.

wishing I was at barcampkc

hitting town topic before the khrusty brothers

watching co-workers play gears of war. bruuuutal.

At the Swell Season show.

mmm… flaming cheese.

enjoying a long walk through midtown.

playing settlers of catan with @brookeraymond, @eh, and @robertjosiah.

finally unsubscribing from techcrunch, as I did from dave winer long ago. far too much heat, not nearly enough light.

LOST pre-empted for a fracking tornado warning? bullshit!

NSFW, but oh so good: The First of May Song: