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Tweets from April, 2008

01 May 2008

tweeting from the treadmill.

making a fakebook gem on github. good stuff. (if you make facebook apps, you should check out fakebook.)

flight delayed 3 hours because the plane hit a turkey. in a fowl mood.

all the information / all the big ideas / all the radio waves / electronic seas

Twitter must be really grateful for the goldmine of free technical and business advice they’ve gotten in the last 24 hours.

working at citizen space for a while.

Just arrived in SF. I have sublime feelings about it.

wishing I’d started using a queue service long ago. makes so many things better.

switching my devices to the off position at this time.

Pretty much shaved yaks all afternoon, but I got to inbox zero, which makes me feel better.

desperately trying to avoid yak shaving.

if app engine had to support only one language, it should have been javascript.

ears ringing, voice blown. what a night in lawrence.


enjoying the game from mass. St


A car repair that’s faster and cheaper than expected? Surely this is a mistake.

whoa, GNE lives again? talk about a flash-back.