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Tweets from March, 2008

01 Apr 2008

Anyone know which Ruby SQS library works best with the 2008-01-01 version of the API? I haven’t found a good one yet.


enjoying beers on @robertjosiah’s new porch.

Mmm… late night Winsteads.

A bit sick. Not too bad though.

feeling like crap.

cool: yahoo search will support microformats.

unintentionally hilarious essay on postmodernity in the myspace dev platform (“Section 1: Goethe’s Phenomenology”)

rolling out of town in the packrat hummer. shame

Listening to @sstephenson

O HAI michael stipe.

whew. good night, ned.

<sung> Facebook! It’s a book of faces on the internet!

At teh Facebook party. #hashtag

Good times at teh yahoo party.

Maybe we should get Blinksale Babes like FreshBooks? Or not.

She’s complaining about being perceived as a dumb gold-digging slut.

Sitting next to Julia Allison at the Zuck keynote.

1:30’s as good a time as any to join the land of the living.

At teh GOOG party.

Feet. Hurt.

Wow, dooce has a receiving line.


Landed in AUS to hear PackRat was down. Back up now, headed downtown.

Ride a horse to Austin / to get a loaf of bread.

doing centering exercises all day, in preparation for sxsw.