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Tweets from October, 2008

01 Nov 2008

anybody in SF up for lunch?

midwest inexplicably says I’m “entitled” to a free upgrade to row 2. heading to SF in style.

I hope I’ll never again hear the phrase “social media consultant.”

listening to a great talk on hadoop and AWS by florian leibert. #hm1

we got venturebeaten:

listening to shashank date present at #hm1.

just found out missouri has an english-only amendment on the ballot. losers.

Out of curiosity, I asked Powerset “when does life begin?”. Answer: “September 26, 2007”.

KC obama rally:

sebelius: “once again, god proved she loves democrats.”

At liberty memorial:

Gearing up for an Obama rally this evening… looking forward to making another donation to the cause.

we relaunched packrat today, completely re-written in merb. hit a few snags, but still managed to push out 5 million requests in half a day.

Wishing I could be at MerbCamp this weekend. Headed to Manhattan, KS instead.

Ooooh Oklahoma Joe’s for lunch. Yum.

argh. hulu isn’t working.

IMHO the most illuminating point of the debate was the discussion about Cheney.

having a “vice” party for the debate (liquor/hookers/blow/etc.)

(actually, that’s from 2001, so 7 years ago)

10 years ago, google knew about me ( but nothing about sarah palin (