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What's New in Prototype 1.5

25 Jan 2007 just published an article I wrote on What’s New In Prototype 1.5. It outlines the major themes of the new release: drastically improved test coverage, a completely revamped website (now with API docs!), and oodles of fixes. But the bulk of the article is reference-style, with descriptions and examples for all of the new methods, classes, and features added since 1.4. By and large, that content was extracted from Prototype Quick Reference, which itself was extracted from Ajax on Rails. I’m grateful to O’Reilly for letting me share that content with the community.

One thing I didn’t mention in the article was the impressive degree of community involvement in this release. Prototype has been criticized in the past for having a “black box” style of development, but I think this release signals a renewed openness in the process. There is now a group of incredibly talented folks helping to shepherd the project, and I’m pretty confident that it will keep going strong. I’d like to publicly thank everybody who chipped in to this release, so I compiled a list of the top contributors (those with more than one credit in the changelog):

Next time time you see one of these guys, you owe them a pint!