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Ajax on Rails is here

23 Dec 2006

Christmas came a few days early for me, as the FedEx man just dropped off my author’s copy of Ajax on Rails. It has taken a tremendous amount of work over the last year, so I’m extremely gratified to finally see it in print.

If you’re interested in Rails, Ajax, or you just like books, you can buy mine. It’s available from Amazon, or from O’Reilly, or from any fine bookseller, once they get their shipments. Just ask for the Monkey Book.*

If you like the idea of books but not the physical reality of them, you’re not out of luck. O’Reilly decided that Chapter 10, a reference to the Prototype JavaScript library, was useful enough to be packaged as a standalone PDF. So even if you’re not a Rails user, you might be interested in the Prototype Quick Reference. When Prototype 1.5 is released (soon), we’ll release a new edition covering any last-minute changes; but if you buy it now, you’ll get the upgrade for free. Chapter 11 (aka Quick Reference) will be released in a similar manner soon.

I owe a huge thanks to everyone who helped make this book—all of the gifted folks at O’Reilly, my peerless peer reviewers, everyone who has worked on Rails, Prototype, and Scriptaculous, and my friends, parents, and my wife. I’m a lucky guy to be surrounded by such inspiring people, and I’m quite sure I would have given up on this project without your encouragement.

*Actually, don’t do that; they won’t know what you mean at all.