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Bravery with words

10 Feb 2003

My pastor Tim’s talk tonight was on Mark 2, when Jesus healed a paralytic. One of the lessons he drew was that the man was healed because he asked. Ye have not because ye ask not. We ought not sit back silently, we should let our requests be known; we should be brave with our words.

It occured to me: In my life, I’m often a coward with my words.

I believe deeply in the power and importance of words. Words don’t just mean things, words do things — linguists call it the perlocutionary effect. And it can be a scary realization.

Tim also gave a message recently on the parable of the talents. My take-away point: don’t be a coward. Take some freaking risks, why don’t you; besides: what you have is not your own.

This is the lesson I’m trying to learn. First, to realize that my words, like everything else in my life, are not my own; I am their caretaker, their steward. Second, they ought not be buried. Both talents and more supernal things deserve to be used, with wisdom and with gumption.