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What did I expect?

05 Nov 2003

Dear Chairman Powell:

I’ve just read your statement regarding the FCC’s broadcast flag decision yesterday, and I must say, I’m highly disappointed in your deceptive spin. You say that the decision was made “in order to promote customer interests,” which couldn’t be more blantantly false. Even if we accept that the broadcast flag will succeed at its intended purpose, it obviously primarily promotes business interests — from a consumer perspective, there’s no reason to want the broadcast flag.

Second, you claim that the broadcast flag “promotes innovation,” which could hardly be more disingenuous or left-handed. I know you had the opportunity to hear the the voices of hundreds of technology professionals, including myself, give evidence that the broadcast flag places an onerous burden on those who would innovate in media technology. Your claim is an insipid insult to the truth.

With this decision, the FCC has failed at its job and squandered the public trust. I’m asking that in the future, you lead your organization to: 1) make the public interest your primary concern, and business secondary; 2) be honest and guileless when you communicate with the American people; and 3) work to right the wrongs in FCC policy that are going to cause great harm to country for years to come.

Scott Raymond