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Lost in Translation

07 Oct 2003

On Friday I’m getting in a plane and going around the world, for a little vacation. I’m going to be gone for three weeks, in Tokyo, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, and Hong Kong. Thanks to Mighty Girl, who pointed out the ridiculously cheap airfare back in July, I’ll be hopping around southeast Asia for a while, and it should be a good old fashioned adventure.

Last week I saw Lost in Translation, Sofia Coppola’s wonderful new movie, which is set in Tokyo, and it really primed my elation for a vacation of the Asian persuasion. Bill Murray is fantastic playing an aging actor who visits Tokyo on business, which gives his character the opportunity to realize that he’s discontented with his life, that he’s lost. Pulling yourself away from everything that you recognize and know for a while can be hard but really healthy, like fasting—it short circuits your habits and exposes foolish consistencies. So that’s my plan: I’m basically going to wander around, get lost, see what can be found, rinse, repeat. With a little luck, I’ll be posting updates and pictures here as I go, but we shall see. Be good.