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Day 20; Rations Running Low

01 Nov 2003

I arrived at Victoria Peak about an hour ago. I had sublime feelings about it.

When I arrived in Hong Kong the other day, I was very tired, very, and very very hot. I had slept deeply, but not for very long, on the train from Meizhou. The train attendent had to shake me out of my sleep at 6am, and then it took me three hours of humping my ever-heavier backpack down to the tip of the peninsula where I wanted to stay. I shopped around for yet another dingy little guesthouse, and promptly collapsed on the dingy little bed.

Which sort of threw me off schedule, and I haven’t quite recovered, so I’ve been mostly sleeping through the days since I’ve been here, and mostly going out at night. The other night I spent about an hour climbing up the dark, stopped escalators around HK island, between 5 and 6am, when the only people out where the newspaper vendors, sorting and stacking the new day’s wares. It was kind of refreshing to cover so much territory on a small island shared by a million and a half people, and only see about fifteen of them. Today, I made it out and about by noon, and I’ve started to see what’s so great about this place. The architecture is inspiring, the parks are gorgeous, the people are friendly. I’m definitely planning to come back.

If an ass goes travelling he will not come home a horse.

—Thomas Fuller