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Kickin' it Meizhou Style

27 Oct 2003

I am a little disappointed, in some ways, in how easy it was to get here. I expected that the solo trek from the modern, fairly westernized city of Hong Kong into the less developed Meizhou, and to Levi’s door, would be the trickiest part of my trip. Navigating the border cross, getting onto the right train, communicating with a taxi driver, all without the benefit of any signage or English speakers. But it turned out not to be difficult at all—although it was exhausting. About 26 hours of travel time, and then when I got to the gate of Levi’s university at 5am, the guards made me wait for an hour because it was too early. Nevertheless, it was a fairly easy trip up, and it’s great to be hanging out with Levi and the others here. Tomorrow I’ll catch the midnight train and spend my last few days in Hong Kong, and then it’s back home.

Little by little, one travels far.

—J.R.R. Tolkien