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13 Jul 2001

For the record, I hate Network Solutions. I’ve been trying to register, which expired in April. According to their site, they don’t make domains available until three months after expiration- fair enough. So I called them exactly three months later, and was told that I had to wait an additional three months before I could buy it. The lady actually said that it takes three months for the deletion to be propogated through the DNS system, which is complete bunk, we all know it never takes more than 72 hours, and moreover, if I want to buy it, it doesn’t need to be deleted at all. So anyway, I resigned myself to their incompetence and set up a script to run every night and check the domain for availability, so that I could snap it up as soon as it was available. Just now I checked the whois… and whaddayaknow, NetSol sold it out from under me a week ago to some ridiculous domain squatters whose “asking prices for most domains range from $1,500 to $20,000.” What year do they think this is, 1998? The domain market (if there ever even was such a thing) has completely dried up! Maddening.