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Sprint madness

25 May 2001

Today I read Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think!: A Commonsense Approach to Web Usability, and boy howdy, it’s a great book. Highly recommended reading for anyone who makes websites for a living.

I especially recommend it to the makers of the Sprint PCS website. The other day I got so fed up with their site that I gave them a piece of my mind?but not before maddeningly searching the site for an email link or some sort of feedback form. My screed:

may i just say. the sprint pcs site takes the cake for the absolute worst web application i’ve ever used. the design is frustratingly confusing at best. i never find what i’m looking for the first time. every time i attempt to perform some task, a task that ought to be easy, like pay my bill, i have to hunt around, and then EVERY TIME the server fails! my phone works fine, but your customer service, especially on the website, absolutely sucks. please, please, take some of your exorbitant fees and apply them toward a) more live phone support people, b) an interface design/usability consultant, and c) some sort of reliable hosting situation. getting my bill from you every month is painful enough; stop making me scratch my eyes out in frustration when i’m trying to pay it. if this form successfully submits, it’ll be the first thing you’re site has done right.