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An obvious thing

27 Feb 2001

Tell me this. Why isn’t there a way for an XML object to be embedded in an HTML page, or referenced, so that when the UA sees it, it takes the object and does something with it, like save it into a predefined place, based on its content? The application I’m thinking of is sales receipts in e-commerce. On a typical commerce site, after purchase, it displays your receipt. Embedded into that page should be this little digital object, maybe PGP signed, and your UA would give you the choice to store it in your local receipts drawer, where it would be filed away, searchable by date, website, etc. Why should I be encumbered, as I am in the real world, with being responsible to copy and keep the receipt in a safe place? This is 2001, right? Isn’t the computer supposed to help me with crap annoying things like that?