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Computer guy

04 Sep 2000

People often refer to me as a “computer guy.” Typically it?s an acquaintance, and they?ll start a conversation with something like ?you?re a computer guy, right?? and then ask for tech support. There was a period when I resented being labeled that way, as though it was the one defining aspect of my personality. These days I generally shrug it off. The fact is, computers do play a more significant role in my life than they do for most people. Most people merely use their computers, they don?t merge with the machine like I often do. Most people give quizzical looks when I say that the Macintosh is the only computer I?ve ever had an emotional connection to. In fact, lots of other ?computer people? don?t understand that remark, although almost all longtime Mac users do. Of course, the funny thing is that I haven?t regularly used a Mac for more than three years; I find that Windows NT meets my needs best. But that machine is still very special to me, which is why I?m very pleased that Stanford has just released the first version of their ongoing project, Making the Macintosh. Without (thankfully) getting bogged down in the internal Apple politics of the time, this site examines primary documents from key technical players and visionaries, such as Jef Raskin, Dave Evans, and Guy Kawasaki. There?s a lot of rich history retold in the site, and some fun geeky details. For a computer guy like myself, this is quality stuff. (are you a computer person?)