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Live from Apple Expo Paris

16 Sep 2000

Apple released the first beta of OS X today, right here, and I just got to use it, briefly. It’s quite an electric atmosphere here, and I must say I’m finding myself quite taken with the Mac at the moment. Darwin is extremely impressive, and I’m growing more and more accustomed to Aqua as I use it. It’s a remarkable day in the history of Mac: for the first time in 16+ years, the Macintosh, the computer for the rest of us, has a command prompt interface. I asked the demo guy about, and his response was amusing: he showed me the icon used to launch the command prompt, but he said they weren’t allowed to demo it. I later got ahold of a mouse and went straight to the terminal window and got out ‘ls’ before the demo guy shut me down. He pulled me aside, and almost under his breath, as though the masses might take up arms if the rumor were to get around, he said that they didn’t want potential iMac buyers to see a command prompt on a Mac screen. “A ”">command line on the Mac? Blasphemy!"