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08 Aug 2000

Here’s a free dotcom startup business plan idea: why isn’t there such a way to sync your PalmPilot directly to the web? It seems like such a trivially obvious application to me, that I’m shocked and frustrated that it doesn’t exist. There are half-way solutions, like My Yahoo which lets me sync my calendar and contacts with their site. But I want something that does the memos and todo list as well, preferably without all the other content that Yahoo throws at me, like news. I was excited when I heard about fusionOne which claims to do everything I want, but what they don’t tell you is that you can’t use your Palm Desktop software with it. This shouldn’t be difficult, folks. All I want is a system which, upon HotSync, syncs my handheld and Palm Desktop with a site, so that I can access and change my data from the web if I like. While we’re at it, it’d be cool if the site also made the data available to me in XML, so I can have my way with it.