The author, smiling winningly Scott Raymond home


29 Aug 2000

One for the books, Lawrence, Kansas is the hottest spot in the US today. I was back in Lawrence on Saturday night, ostensibly to attend the pig roast where I received the delirium-inducing food poisoning. But while I was in town, I took the opportunity for a late-night walkabout through campus. Watching the town spring to life each fall is a sensation that gets richer, if less innocent, every year. Ghosts accumulate, over time, in corners of buildings and along certain stretches of grass. The bittersweet memories that haunt the terrain might make me frown, but in doing, they remind me that they’re only memories, and I’m still alive. My last walk was probably the coldest, and this particular walk was certainly the hottest. I try to savor them all, and never take the same path twice.