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Price Chopper

02 Aug 2000

On the way out of the grocery store around sunset, God confronted me in the form of a panorama of breathtaking beauty. I stood in the parking lot leaning against a lamppost for 15 minutes, soaking in the softly illuminated clouds, the mile-high haze, the rich gradients of blue into white into smokey grey. Soon, a lone bird began circling, meandering. As soon as you thought you could predict its next move, you couldn’t. Then there were two birds chirping in the foreground. Then, like they’d been there all along, a hundred others silently swirling at the treetops in the background.

Before i noticed it, the golden center above the horizon started slowly obliterating the contrast. This is Platonic art. Completely absent of symbol and sign, but full of meaning. The world’s most gifted orator couldn’t have taught me more about God tonight than I learned from the sky above the Price Chopper.