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On the Subject of My Day

14 Aug 2000

Today was one of those errand days. I went to the dentist, got a haircut, dropped off some books at the library, took my MiniDisc in for repair, and bought some clothes and a new pair of shoes for Europe. I got Vans, because I’m going for that skater-chic look. Then I spent a while packing up all of those possessions that you don’t really need at all and yet you can’t bring yourself to get rid of, because, you know, you might want them someday for something. And now I’m doing work-related miscellany: pruning the todo list, sorting old email, updating contacts, &c. The end.

Are there any good weblogs about dreams? More specifically, a site which recounts specific dreams with little or no additional editorial commentary. I’ve looked, but never found a good one. I’d love to see something similar to random access memory, only better. It might be a good idea for a team blog.