The author, smiling winningly Scott Raymond home

Lest we forget

08 Nov 2000

8 November 1987

Let me tell you something.

I’ve had enough of Irish Americans
who haven’t been back to their country
in twenty or thirty years
come up to me and talk
about the resistance,
the revolution back home
and the glory of the revolution
and the glory of dying in the revolution.

Fuck the revolution.

They don’t talk about the glory
of killing for the revolution.
Where’s the glory in
taking a man from his bed
and gunning him down
in front of his wife and children?
Where’s the glory in that?
Where’s the glory in bombing
a Remembrance Day parade
of old age pensioners,
their medals taken out
and polished up for the day?
Where’s the glory in that?
To leave them crippled for life or dying
under the rubble of a revolution
that the majority of the people
in my country don’t want.