The author, smiling winningly Scott Raymond home


26 Oct 2000

Bye, bye, France
Bye, bye, gay Paris
Hello, Italy
I think I’m gonna cry
Bye, bye, France
Bye, bye, ambience
Hello, Renaissance
I feel like I could die
Bye, bye my France goodbye

I studied Voltaire
I studied Locke
I saw the office
of Jacques Chirac
I learned the Metro
and the RER
Then drank with Olivier
Down at l’Arambar


I’m through with Paris
I’m done with France
And I’m still wearing
The same dirty pants
And now I’m leaving
This very hour
And I haven’t gone up
The Eiffel Tour


I’m off to Florence
Northeast of Rome
I’ll eat some pasta
Then I’ll go home
But when next I
Step in dog doo
My lovin’ Paris,
I’ll think of you