The author, smiling winningly Scott Raymond home


21 Oct 2000

Last weekend saw the occasion of both my high school homecoming, and a family reunion that brought our distant Scotish cousins into town for the celebration. Since I’m out of town, I was unable to attend the any of the festivities. I don’t care about missing the parties per se, as I’m sure I’m having more fun here. But I wish I could be represented there, too. I wish I had a proxy to send in my place to all these events. In fact, it would come in handy in all sorts of situations, like when I’m forced to choose between the wedding of an old acquaintance, or a really cool party. If had a social whipping-boy, then I could go to the cool party and still send my respects through my representative. The President gets to send the Vice President to all the funerals and stuff when he can’t be bothered. I think I need a Vice Sco.